Vocabulary building for good writing

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Vocabulary building for effective writing …

Baby steps in vocabulary-building 2

Fill in the blanks selecting appropriate words from the list given below.
a. If you are applying for a job of ‘bouncer’ in a night club, you must be a heavily-built man with a large frame. The mischief makers should find your presence ——-.
b. While walking the streets of Moscow, I was once —— by a Russian. He said he had some dollar notes which he wanted to exchange for the local currency ruble. I was quite surprised at the way he kept pestering me even after being told that I had just enough ruble to buy a Coke. I thought of ways to throw him off my trail.
Luckily for me, a policeman was passing that way. My tormenter vanished on seeing him. Later I understood that the guy was peddling ———- dollars, apparently of North Korean origin.
c. Bihar’s tribal villages have plentiful supply of spurious country liquors. The unsuspecting folks drink it routinely in evenings, often with ghastly consequences. I had the misfortune of seeing a drunk man who had been rushed to the local hospital for emergency care. His face had become ———- with pain and internal spasms.
d. The Headmaster of the local school was revered in the village for his character, dedication and strong moral mooring. On one occasion, his son was caught copying in the school examination. The father was ———- to see this.


(Mortified, Accosted, Counterfeit, Contorted, Intimidating)


——-  ———————END————————————–


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