NCERT Class 9 English — A Dog Named Duke by William D. Ellis (paraphrasing)

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Paraphrasing of

A Dog Named Duke

by William D. Ellis

(Learn the underlined words)

Para 1 .. It is a story of 1953. Chuck Hooper was a strong, well-built young man bubbling with energy. Athletic and friendly, he had been a footballer during his university days. Now, he worked for a chemical company as its Zonal Sales Manager. A happy life appeared to lay ahead of this six-feet-one tall man exuding a great zest for life.

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  1. such a sad ending

    • ri8………..

  2. it’z tragic story…

    • Such a sad end to the life of a dog who worked as a healer from the heaven!

  3. a sadfull story

  4. shows confidence of chuck hooper and faithfullness of duke.
    Together,they make a good team.

    • yes


  6. hey i really loved it but the ending was so sad

    • Thank you Shalu for your comments.
      Read my posts on grammar to eliminate your writing errors.

  7. its a nice story ,but its little emotional.

    • Thank you Arbia. Keep reading my grammar posts to excel in English.

  8. Its an admirable story….really terrific one as in this story a bond of love and loyalty is shown between a dog and his master .

  9. tears came in my eyes after reading this story.. awesome story….

    • Thank you Jayalakshmi, scores of readers of this post share your feelings. Keep reading my blog. Ask me if you need any specific assistance.


  11. was an interesting reading

  12. duke was having respect for his maste

  13. Respected madam.

    Madam I need one period in 9th class, lesson name is “a dog name duke” By William d ellis. Page NO: 15, point No : 7th to 10th.
    I need Argent mam, it is full me. please send period plan to my mail ( or whatsapp no:9490062583.

    • Please explain your question. I will explain after I hear from you. By the way, I am a 68-year old man.

    • Email to your id has bounced.

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