NCERT Class 9 English — A Dog Named Duke by William D. Ellis (paraphrasing)

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Paraphrasing of

A Dog Named Duke

by William D. Ellis

(Learn the underlined words)

Para 1 .. It is a story of 1953. Chuck Hooper was a strong, well-built young man bubbling with energy. Athletic and friendly, he had been a footballer during his university days. Now, he worked for a chemical company as its Zonal Sales Manager. A happy life appeared to lay ahead of this six-feet-one tall man exuding a great zest for life.

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  1. such a sad ending

    • ri8………..

  2. it’z tragic story…

    • Such a sad end to the life of a dog who worked as a healer from the heaven!

  3. a sadfull story

  4. shows confidence of chuck hooper and faithfullness of duke.
    Together,they make a good team.

    • yes


  6. hey i really loved it but the ending was so sad

    • Thank you Shalu for your comments.
      Read my posts on grammar to eliminate your writing errors.

  7. its a nice story ,but its little emotional.

    • Thank you Arbia. Keep reading my grammar posts to excel in English.

  8. Its an admirable story….really terrific one as in this story a bond of love and loyalty is shown between a dog and his master .

  9. tears came in my eyes after reading this story.. awesome story….

    • Thank you Jayalakshmi, scores of readers of this post share your feelings. Keep reading my blog. Ask me if you need any specific assistance.


  11. was an interesting reading

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