Letter writing —Complaint about poor bus service

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Name of writer …
H.No. 565
Rajinder Avenue
                                                                                                                                 June 21, 2017
The Chairman
Public Transport Association

Subject – Regarding the deplorable condition of the public road transport services in Ludhiana


At the outset, I must express my gratitude to you for keeping the buses of your Corporation running in Ludhiana. This cost-effective public transport is a boon to the general travelling public.
However, the services have deteriorated in recent years. reached an can be greatly improved through diligence and motivation of the staff. The complaints of the commuters are mainly with regard to poor punctuality of the buses, bad condition of the seats, rude behaviour of the staff, frequent accidents, rash driving and high emission of black obnoxious gases. So appalling is the condition that the passengers have come to dread going in Corporation buses as an ordeal.
Nothing can be achieved in only complaining or letting matters drift further.
By procuring some more new high-tech buses that run on gas instead of diesel, many of the above-mentioned problems can be addressed. Additionally, through a system of reward and punishment, the conductors and the drivers can be motivated to behave responsibly, and show courtesy to old people and children.
The buses that have already run for more than 10 years can be discarded in phases. The rest can be refurbished to get more comfortable seats and better interiors.
Ludhiana is a bustling industrial city which is a pride of India. It should have a befitting public transport system. I can assure you that the public will enthusiastically support you if you take suitable steps to make bus travel comfortable, safe, and popular.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


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