Why I write this blog


You all have ambitions – to study MBA in premier colleges, get into civil service, be a top-notch journalist or a lawyer or a writer or even a good teacher, I wish you well.

 But, are you groomed to compete in the qualifying examinations, to outshine others and to prove your mettle later in the work place? I am afraid many of you are not. The reasons being it takes a lot of patience to read serious news papers, to read good books, to browse current affairs on the net, to watch knowledge enhancing TV channels. Sure they are boring at most times but who said success in anything comes easy? The distractions are many and it is easy to fall prey and meander your time amid mindless Bollywood watching, the IPL, social networking and other entertainments happening around you.

 However, bear in mind that competition before or after college, at entry point and during your job will be fierce. If you have scored high marks in the school or college exams by memorizing set answers, you have only won half the battle. For, the work arena demands more – much more.

 Employers today want people who are not only academically good but also have well-rounded knowledge of world affairs, who are able to communicate effectively, who can assimilate ideas quickly and apply them in their work. This requires a different kind of training which, alas our education system doesn’t provide.

 Further, there is an information over-load today, thanks to the advent of the i-pad and the net.

So, where and how does a youngster start his skill-building journey?

 These blogposts will hand-hold you from the time you take your baby-steps till you sprint in your road to acquire knowledge and acumen. These will apprise you (not teach you) about the basics of finance, politics, history, environment, economics, international relations and the whole gamut of topics a good university expects from its aspirants or a good company demands from its new employees.

 English skill-building will form the bedrock of all my blogs. Short, incisive presentation of facts will be their hallmark. You will need just a few minutes to read them when you travel, relax, have spare time; at homes, schools and offices.

 A few episodes into these blogs, you will realize how knowledge-gathering and entertainment can go hand in hand.

 So, friends, let us start the course-correction today. I assure you nothing, except some life-enriching entertainment of abiding value.



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  1. Well addressed to budding aspirants.
    I recommend this blog to all, novices and knowledgeable. Remeber there is no limit to knowledge. Wish you all best of luck in Impact Writing.

    Bharat Ranjan Mishra,( Ex- Special Secretary to Govt. of Odisha), Bhubaneswar
    My phone=9438132927

  2. Thanks a lot, very well addressed, I will recommend to my daughters also.
    Thanks again for adding me.

    With Best Regards

  3. helpful blog for students, pls add more content soon

  4. You have always been an inspiration and have made a significant impact in my life. I am sure your blogs would help keep the impact afresh!

    • Thank you so much. I will indeed be very happy if you continue to progress in your intellectual journey for the rest of your life.

  5. This is very helpful for me and the students like me.

  6. Truly a very useful blog for students of all ages! Thank you for taking the time to maintain this blog! 🙂

  7. nice…

  8. thankyou very very much !!

  9. wow, that’s amazing basic background to build this blog. 🙂

  10. Thanks.

  11. I loved your ninth standard material! Could you please cover more of tenth standard English too? I only saw a couple of chapters covered by you. I would appreciate it if you could cover chapters like Dear Departed of Sonnet 55. Thanks!

    • *or Sonnet 55

      • I will post by Setember 7 or earlier.

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